2017 Sierra snow report


Here’s the 1-3-17 snow pack report from the CA Water Resource Board. North Sierra 68% of normal. Central Sierra 65% of normal. South Sierra 73% of normal. Statewide average 70%.



We’ve bean getting clobbered in N. Cal since 1-3-17. Snowpack is now WAY above average. Postholer.com has a great snow chart for the entire trail. Check it out.



2 of my grown kids and I are hiking the JMT in June/July this year - what can we expect in the way of remaining snowpack and what gear do we need to bring for that. BTW, we’re flatlanders from TX, so be gentle…



David5, it’s hard to tell what snow conditions will be like 6 months out. We could get a series of warm rain that will melt all of this snow quickly. Time will tell.

In June and early July you can expect snow on the passes, and higher elevations. You can expect high water levels at creek crossings. The snow will be very soft in the afternoon and you’ll be postholing in suncups.

July can bring monsoons with lots of rain.

Expect to be traveling slowly. Snowshoes might be a good idea.

Anyway, you’ll find out when you get there. Enjoy! It’s magnificent country.



Gary, thanks. The last/only time I was in Yosemite I about froze in mid-Sept on Glacier Point so we’re all prepping for high-altitude cold but clueless as to footwear other than boots+gaiters. Snow is a mystery for us WRT hiking.



North CA 144%. Central CA 173$. South CA 200%. Statewide average 173%.



My source says overall 177% of normal - the largest in 22 years.

Wanna talk about late June / early July postholing over the passes?



FWIW: Based on current snowpack, Mammoth Mountain just announced that they will be open for skiing until July 4th. Mammoth gets more snow than surrounding peaks, but this is still an indicator that folks with snow experience don’t expect the Sierra snowcap to completely disappear until well into the summer



Squaw Valley near Lake Tahoe announced yesterday that it was also going to remain open until July 4. They have so far received 565 inches of snow, over 100 inches more than their entire season average.



Statewide average is 187% of normal for March 1.