Accommodation in Denver


Hi all, am hoping to do the Colorado trail this year and am wondering if there is anyone who lives in Denver, who would be willing to accommodate me for a few days to get my stuff sorted as I am from South Africa. I also need a place where I can send gear to that I still need to order.


Hi - I cannot help with accommodations but might be able to track down information on where you could send your packages. My family used to travel full-time in the US and ordered many things online. The US Postal Offices would hold our packages for a specific period of time (usually 30 days). If you can find a Post Office close to a hostel (or wherever you might stay) I can give them a call and see how many days they will hold the packages. Also USPS, aka the post office, will not accept FedEx or UPS so you would have to pick up any packages sent via that carrier at their offices.