August 2019 hike-thru


I haven’t set exact dates yet, but I’m planning all of August and into September or July if need be, to do a hike thru from Kenosha Pass to Durango. I’ve already completed 1-5. I would love to have a partner for some or all of the trip. I am not a super fast hiker, but I get the job done.

Questions for the group:

How long did it take to do the trail and what speed did you go?

Best piece of equipment you brought?

How did you get back to Denver?

Do you have any favorite blogs on the CT or other high mountain hike-thrus?


I plan on leaving Waterton Canyon TH on July 10th, and doing about 13 - 18 miles per day and finishing in Durango in about 5 weeks. I am not planning on returning to Denver.