Colorado Trail Rideshare?


We are a pary of two planning a 100 mile section of the CT from Kenosha Pass to Elbert Creek Trailhead. We have a July 21 start date. And are looking for info on ride shares, etc so we can hike to the car. Anyone have experience with this?


Hope you find a ride share, but here are some other options. The Colorado Trail Foundation has a list of shuttle services. Send them an email and they will email you the list.

We did the same hike you are doing a few years ago. We left our car at Kenosha Pass and hiked two days to Breckenridge. The next day we had a reservation for a one day rental car from the Hertz office that is at the Frisco bus transfer station. We drove back to Kenosha Pass, then drove both cars around to the Mt. Elbert trailhead where we would finish our hike. Then we drove the rental car back to Frisco. It was a whole day of driving, but a nice zero day. You need a reservation for the rental car as it is a small office with only a few cars. The free bus system around Summit County made this an easy option.

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