Cost and Time ~ The Colorado Trail


Does anyone know on average how much it cost to hike the Colorado Trail, and how long it might take? Thanks.



It took us 51 days, but that was a slow and steady pace.



I’m planning $1,000.00 and six glorious weeks. But I have all my equipment and some of my food dehydrated.

I don’t beleive in speed records and I like to eat!! (and drink!):slight_smile:

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Since I posted this question about money I have been told that $500 should be enough, not including gear. My plan for now is to have about $500 in “cash” and use credit the rest of the way.

Does anyone know how many breweries we pass on the way? A couple of beers after a long week or so on the trail does wonders for the body!

I too am planning on spending about six weeks on the trail. I am hoping to hit some peaks along the southern part of the trail, we will see. I can’t wait!