CT partner this summer


Good morning,

Last year I hiked the first half (to Salida), and the 2 weeks+ (I had a minor injury that required a few 0 days) after Breckenridge were very lonely. I’d like to finish the trip this week, and wondering if anyone would like to hike with me. I loved my time on the trial last year except for all the camping chores. Splitting up for the hike portion would be fine. It’s a lot easier to be motivated to get up and moving when some one else is helping doing them (bear bag, heating/purifying water, etc).

I want to start some time around June 20th, but I’m pretty flexible. I plan to have packages sent to Silverton and Creed. I hopefully have it planned to take 17 days. I am willing to start from either side. Is anyone interested?

-Home Stretch