Easy Hitch To Buena Vista from Collegiate West?


I am planning a through hike this summer from Denver to Durango. I hope to hitch mid-week from Cottonwood Pass on Collegiate West (mile 218.7) into Buena Vista on Rt. 306. Is that an easy hitch? If not, can anyone recommend a better place to spend the night and pick up a mail drop? Thanks!

Greg S


Normally, this is a fairly easy hitch from the large parking area on top of the pass. However, I heard this past summer that the pass might be closed due to construction this summer. Something to look into. Ron

San Juan Ron


Here is a link that I found:

This will make it a lot more difficult to hitch.

San Juan Ron


Yes, I live in Gunnison, and they are paving the Gunnison side of the pass this summer. So, this side of the pass will not be good. I’d focus having your supply drops from the Independence Pass Road, and then the Monarch Pass Road. Depending on your route, you may be able to use the Taylor Park Trading Post if coming over from Mirror Lake area.



Thanks very much for your responses! I will skip the hitch from Cottonwood Pass and look for another supply drop (possibly Taylor Park Trading Post). I owe you! :slight_smile:

Greg S


It is easier to hitch the eastern side of Cottonwood Pass road to Buena Vista than it is to hitch to Taylor Park. Always has been.

Mirror Lake is not on the official route, BTW. Going that way misses some of the best trail ever built in Colorado.

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