How do I get from Portland to Cascade Locks?


Hello everyone!
I am planning to thru-hike the last 508 miles of the PCT from Cascade Locks to Manning Park. . .But how do I get from Portland to Cascade Locks?
Thank you for your help.
Just Julio

Just Julio


Drive east on I-84 approximately 43 miles give or take depending on where you start in Portland.

George Bondor


I got a ride from a trail angel that I met thru this website. Cascade Locks to Portland I used an airport shuttle (taxi) that cost about $90. Good Luck



Just Julio, Please accept my apologies. I did not intend to be cute with my post. I totally misunderstood the context of your question.

George Bondor


Public transit options to various trailheads are here: - You can take the WET shuttle bus. Stop 12 is the PCT trailhead on WA side just near the Bridge of the Gods. The trick is getting to the Vancouver or Washougal starting stops.You can taxi from the Airport to either in about a 15 minute drive.

What date are you leaving?

I am leaving July 5 for a SOBO from Cascade Locks through Oregon. Until then I am at home in Portland, I hike the Gorge & PCT frequently and would be happy to give you a ride to Cascade Locks if the schedule fits.

Randy T