Kelty RedCloud 110 vs Gregory Baltoro 95 Pro


Hello everyone!

First post here!

I own a pretty old Gregory backpack [ 10ish years ] and I am looking to upgrade in size and tech. I am trying to decide between the Kelty Redcloud 110 and the Gregory Baltoro 95 Pro. I do extensive trips a few times a year - about 10 day hikes, and also sometimes budget travel on public transport and such. Comfort wise, I was more impressed with the Baltoro compared to the RedCloud. However, I found the Redcloud 110 for USD $150 vs the Gregory Baltoro at USD $260.

Any advise on previous usage experience in either case and all help in helping me decide is much appreciated!!

Thanks and Cheers!


Hi Sidrockrulz! Welcome to TRAIL FORUMS!
I can’t comment on usage for either one of these packs, I did have a Kelty “Tioga” back in the early 70s.
My packs of choice now when I go out are either my Osprey “Exos 48” or my ULA “Circuit”. I like the way these packs move with your torso, they are both lightweight, and the compression straps hold everything in nice and tight, so you don’t sound like an 8 piece band with your are coming down the trail.
Sorry I couldn’t help concerning the packs in question!
“Happy Trails”!!