List of some best Scooters for Long Distance


Nowadays, motorbike is an indispensable means for many people. Nothing is better than interesting experiences, exploring new lands with your motorbike. Therefore, choosing a motorbike suitable for long journeys is quite necessary. Stylemotorbike will advise you on how to choose a good motorbike for people on a trip.

Should you choose scooters or clutches to go on a trip?

Some outstanding features of each motorbike help you have a more accurate choice when you go on a trip.

- Scooters:

Advantages: can actively increase or decrease the number when needed. Easy maintenance, economical gasoline.

Disadvantages: Most scooters have a small trunk. It doesn’t have too much space to store items when traveling.

- Clutchs:

Advantages: proactively increase and decrease the number and interfere with the clutch by hand. So that it is possible to perform the techniques of clutching and disconnecting the clutch while running.

One advantage of a motorbike with a fuel tank front is the ability to hold a lot of gasoline. On average, motor vehicles can hold 7-12 liters of gasoline, which is enough to make a long journey.

Disadvantages: Most clutches have no trunk or small trunk. So to be able to carry more things, you must attach a bag or put in a backpack and tied on the back of the car. Tapered vehicles have a higher level of fuel consumption than manual motorbikes.

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Should you choose a motorbike of Honda, Yamaha or Suzuki to go on a trip?

All brands are big famous motorbike manufacturers in Vietnam. To be able to choose one of these 3 brands, you need to pay attention to some advantages and disadvantages.

Honda: Fuel economy, cheap and easy to find parts, if there is no spare part then it can be used secondhand spare parts.

Yamaha: Running, fuel consumption is slightly higher than Honda, spare parts are quite expensive and only the brand, easy and beautiful.

Suzuki: Saving fuel. However, spare parts are expensive and sometimes not available.

Which motorbike is suitable for backpacking?

Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose the car that is right for you, as long as the motorbike is in good working condition, well maintained by you before each trip.

In fact, it is the popular, easy-to-repair motorbikes like Dream, Wave, Sirius, Future, Viva… that are the best backpackers. Because if there is a failure, it is easy to fix it yourself or find a repair place to help, and if the driver is unable to drive, the driver can drive an extra. In addition, these motorbikes have a “moderate” fuel consumption level, which will help you save money.

Please take care of your motorbike carefully before each trip and enjoy your journey in the most comfortable way. Choose Stylemotorbike to have a safe trip. Good luck.


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