Looking for ride to Kennedy Meadows 6/3 or 6/4


Hey all,

My hiking partner and I will be flying into LAX the evening of 6/3 and are looking for a ride to Kennedy Meadows that night or the following morning. Is anyone headed up there around that time?




If I’m in town I can take you from Inyokern to Kennedy Meadows. Did it for Reils and two others a couple weeks ago. Won’t know my schedule until later this month.

It’s at least 3 hours between LAX and Inyokern by car in the evening rush hour. Not sure of exact bus/train connections, but believe there is bus service from Lancaster to Inyokern and points north.



Oh, awesome! Thanks so much for the offer. I’ll be in touch in a couple weeks if we haven’t found something else when you know your schedule :slight_smile:
You’re the best!

Brianna Beswick