Mosquitoes and bear spray


I’ll be doing the northern half of the trail starting on July 1, and I’m curious as to whether mosquitoes are much of an issue? Enough to make bringing a head net a good idea, or is that overkill? Also, is it too much to carry bear spray; is this precaution necessary? I’m thinking not, but want to be sure. Thanks!



You certainly don’t need the bear spray. Very few CT thru hikers bring bear spray. Try to keep your campsite area as odor proof as possible. I use Ursack. I do bring a 1 ounce mini air horn just in case a bear comes to the campsite at night – but that’s just my personal preference and most thru hikers don’t bring the air horn. But, it’s only 1 ounce.

Mosquito nets are one of those personal preference items. I don’t find mosquitos that much of an issue and don’t bring a mosquito net anymore. If I find a potential campsite with a lot of mosquitos (usually it’s a marshy area), I will just move away from the water to camp where their are fewer mosquitos. Also, the mosquitos become more of an issue at dusk, so jump in your tent at dusk if they are problematic. Every year is different with regards to mosquitos.

San Juan Ron


I have hiked the trail twice in july and don’t recall any bad bug problems tho I would use feet on occasion. I would bag my food in a tree at night, but never saw a bear and very little bear sign.



I did sections 11,12 and 13 last week and around Frenchman creek there were a lot of mosquitoes. I would definitely carry deet.