Northern CA section - best time


We’ve hiked (sobo) the JMT and Truckee to TM, as well as all of Oregon. Considering snow, water crossings, bugs (but also the heat of Hat Creek Rim, etc) in a “typical” snow year (just read that Echo Summit is 130% of normal) when would you recommend a “best time” or maybe “earliest time” for a nobo from Truckee to Ashland?



Personally, for a best time i’d do September. August would be fine, but hot at the lower areas. July fine but lots and lots of thru-hikers, and possibly this year some mosquitos. June probably doable but with snow in a few of the higher areas.



I 2nd what markv says. I’ve hiked the PCT 3X in different seasons & agree that the ‘best’ time for NoCal is probably September. September is actually my favorite time to hike anywhere in North America: no bugs & very few people:)

Happy Trails!
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