Oregon snow - Pacific Crest Trail


I am hiking from Ashland,ore to canada starting june 25.Anybody know if snow should be much of an issue into mid july?



Snow is melting quickly and early in northern Oregon, southern WA where I am. Record heat in April and now some more now in first week of June. Mt Hood snow will be clear quite early.

Coming from Ashland, check the snowmelt for CraterLake and Mt Thielsen, to be sure, but it looks so far very much like a repeat of last years weather.

I don’t think you’ll have any snow issues with your start date. Rather expect more bug and water availability issues.

Randy T


I hiked up to Timberline Lodge on the PCT from Barlow Pass/Froggy Lake this weekend. Trail is clear, no significant snow, just some easily hikeable patches near Timberline at about 6,000 feet.

Heard report from some other hikers that there is still some snow to posthole through on the west side PCT from Timberline to Zigzag, so about 2 to 3 miles of it.

But we are having record high temperatures and heat wave now, so I expect that to be clear very quickly.

Similar situation it seems at Crater Lake, spotty but hikeable snow at the hightest spots, and melting quickly. Here’s the webcam: https://www.nps.gov/crla/learn/photosmultimedia/webcams.htm

Randy T