Paddie's Snack Shack in North Troy


For those who plan to finish their NOBO thru-hike of the LT in North Troy, visit Paddie’s Snack Shack next to the Dollar General in town. The food was delicious (especially the shakes) and Paddie recognizes a hiker when she sees one. I was offered a hammock almost immediately. Consider walking down Journey’s End Rd. rather than scheduling a pickup in the parking lot. It’s a cathartic experience, taking a picture of the road sign when you make it to the very end!

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Where does one pick up Journey’s End Rd from the northern terminus. Google maps shows it just kinda petering out in the woods west of N Troy.


Find your way to North Jay Rd. (from Main Street) on your way out of North Troy. After a couple miles or so you’ll see Journey’s End Rd. on the right.

If you’re already at the Long Trail terminus, the end of the trail feeds right into Journey’s End Path. You’ll come across Journey’s End Shelter, and then a short hike later you’ll find yourself along a dirt road with an equally ill-maintained parking lot where most thru-hikers are picked up. Keep walking, because this is Journey’s End Rd. When you reach the street sign, turn left onto North Jay Rd. (also Main Street). You’ll find yourself in North Troy after a couple miles. Once in town you might have cell service. I received a text from my carrier warning me that I may incur new charges during my trip to Canada (that’s how close you are).


One important point: Journey’s End Path leads to two consecutive parking lots. We waited for an hour at the first parking lot while our ride was waiting for us at the bigger lot a couple hundred yards away. Sort of frustrating. At least it wasn’t raining.

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