PCT Community Bear Canister Loan Program - 2016


Attention: 2016 nobo PCT thru-hikers…
Announcing the tenth year of the PCT Community Bear Canister Loan Program.
(FYI: As of 2015, the canisters are now stored and distributed at Grumpy Bear’s Retreat in the Kennedy Meadows area)

Are you coming from outside the USA or from an area of the country in which you won’t have ANY use whatsoever for a bear canister after your PCT thru-hike? …or are you on a very tight budget having limited finances? …or are you hiking to raise funds for a worthwhile cause?
If so, you may be able to borrow a bear canister for your PCT thru-hike for ‘free’ - except for USPS Priority mailing cost to return the canister to the loan program.
The bear canister loan program is NOT necessarily done on a ‘first come - first served basis’, but rather on a show of ‘some’ need, however small, in the borrower selection process…
The loan program is run solely on the HONOR SYSTEM - so please be honest, open, and thorough supplying the requested information below when submitting your loan request (requests remain confidential)…
Sorry, but the loan program is not set up to serve sobo thrus nor JMT hikers - we do NOT ship the canisters to thrus on the trail, canisters must be picked up and signed out in person… Long distance PCT section hikers (500+ miles) might also be considered, but primary focus is on thru-hikers…

If you think you might qualify for a bear canister loan for your 2016 nobo PCT thru-hike, please contact me off-list via email (no website PMs, please, email only) - explain your reason or need to borrow a bear canister for your hike, plus, in order to save time, please also provide an active (during & after your hike) email address if other than the address used for your loan request, your anticipated PCT start date (& location if not Campo), your intended PCT destination (if not Canada), your ‘anticipated’ date of arrival at Kennedy Meadows (PCT mile ~702; a conservative best guess is okay), and also your Sierra food ‘plan’ of either a) going straight through the Sierra or b) resupplying part way through (commonly out over Kearsarge Pass). Each selected individual borrower must agree to an informal ‘contract’ via email reply before a canister is reserved in your name and the loan is ‘finalized’.

Please do not delay until the last moment to request a canister; we would like to arrange and finalize all canister loans by mid March, if possible.

Thank you.

Happy trails!!!
Jim “PITA” Payne
(email: enyapjr at comcast dot net; subject: PCT Bear Can Loan)

Jim (PITA)


Sorry, but the PCT Community Bear Canister Loan Program for 2016 is “CLOSED” as of Feb. 10th… Over the last few days have now received far more requests than we have canisters, so the loan program for this season is now closed & I will not be taking any more requests.

Best wishes & good luck to each member of the PCT class of 2016 on your journey!

Jim Payne