Resupply options?


I’m looking at putting together a resupply service that would handle everything from food selection (calorie-wise) to handling the shipment of the food to your various drop points (post offices, etc) along the trail. I’ve done some LD hikes myself and one of the bits I dread the most is figuring out the calorie amount over the amount of days till I resupply because then I have to go and find the actual food that satisfies that as well as being tasty. I find that bit boring and tedious. I’m thinking of having prepackaged meal packs (per day) which would switch up the dinner and snacks so you don’t get totally bored of your food options. I’ve seen other options out there for resupply and, I think, they don’t offer enough selection but there are plenty of independent meal makers out there who just need to be tied together in the same place. There would also be the option of picking individual items. Maybe you enjoy selecting and packing the food so my idea would take the fun out of it? Anyone have other opinions on this?



In 2005, I enjoyed cold cooked meals for my PCT thru-hike. I went from 5/3 to 9/29 and they days were too hot and I was too sweaty so the idea of spending energy and gear weight on heating up food was very unappealing to me. I lightened my gear weight and broke even on my consumable weight ( + oz. for prehydrated options and - oz. for no fuel!). I also spent way more time walking and way less time cooking dinners (or lunches. Or breakfasts). A winter hike would be different.

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What I would be interested in is a person that would be willing to hold my resupply boxes and mail them as asked to designated locations, possibly adding something out of my gear box. Such as the ability to call/email said person and say "well we are running ahead/behind please mail the next box to X location. Or please add x amount of x to this box and ship it out by x date. Basically be my invaluable friend/family member that closes up my boxes insures they are labeled properly and ship them to me.

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