Section Advice - Pacific Crest Trail


I’m trying to pick out a next section for summer 2017. I completed the JMT last summer. I have about 2 weeks in August or September. What do you think would rank as the most beautiful section hike?



I really enjoyed the trail and views from Yosemite to Lake Tahoe. Pretty similar to the JMT.



That’s a fun hypothetical, since that’s a GREAT time of year to hike in a lot of different places.

You didn’t say how long of a section, but i’ll guess you mean something 2-3 weeks like the JMT was.

I think if i only knew i’d ever get to hike ONE section, i’d pick northern Washington. However many miles you can muster. If you have time to do from Trout Lake north, do that. If you have less time, go from Snoqualmie Pass north to Canada. That’s my favorite part of the whole trail, for sure.

But if you are thinking you’ll eventually do all or most of the trail, it might be fun to just pick up where you left off, and do like Bowlegs says, going north from Tuolumne Meadows to Tahoe. I’ve only done that part during mosquito season, and it’s great even then. But in late August and September it’ll be even better.

A 3rd good choice would be northern Oregon. Pick up the trail from Bend at someplace like Elk Lake and go north as long as you can. Another beautiful section post-mosquito and pre-storm season.

And finally, especially if it ends up being later in September, maybe consider the underrated northern California section from Mt. Shasta to Oregon.

But if i had to only pick one, i’d do Washington over and over.