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I may want to do a portion of the trail in August. I’ve heard the lower part is the best part of the trail. I want to be on the trail for about tens days doing 12-15 miles per day. Where would I start assuming I want to end at the true ending of the trail?





The Denver end is a lot easier then than Durango end. Gentler slope to trail so much easier on beginners legs.



Nearly everyone would argue with your comment that the “lower part is the best part of the trail”. The Collegiate West or San Juan Mountains are subjectively the most dramatic areas of the CT. The southern terminus is at Junction Creek TH outside of Durango and you could begin at Spring Creek between Lake City and Creede (on 149) and hike to the southern terminus which is roughly 130 miles with much of it above treeline. Conversely, if you wanted to finish at the northern terminus (Watertown Canton), you could begin at Tennessee Pass outside Leadville which is roughly 140 miles. Go to the Colorado Trail webpage for additional information and buy the CT Databook for specifics on their webpage. Ron

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