Seeking hiking partner


Looking for a hiking partner for a CT thru-hike JulyAugust this summer. Would also consider joining someone who is only doing a portion of the trail. Happy to hike alone but meet up in the evening and for resupplies.



I was looking at 10 days or so on the last 100 mile of the JMT in August but can’t find a partner to go with. I’m from MN and my time frame is 8/4 for two weeks. CO is drivable from Duluth where I live and maybe the CT would be a option. But I don’t know if you would still be on the trail or how much you would have left when I could be out there around the 8th or 7th of August. But if cell coverage is out there maybe something could be worked out…Peter



Hi Emily-
I am also seeking a partner (prefersbly Female) to hike the Colorado Trail this summer. I am a newbie and this would be my first long multi-day hike. Let me know more about you and what your expectations for your this trip are. -Andrea

_Andrea _


I am looking to do a 10-14 day trip in July or August pretty much anywhere in the west. I have done the JMT 3 times (all with my brother) but he can’t go this year. Honestly, I enjoy hiking at my own pace during the day but at night I like to camp near other hikers/groups. I not a person that needs a ton of interaction but like I said, at the end of the day it’s nice to be able to chat and I prefer camping in or near groups. I am based out of Vegas so I can pretty much go anywhere. The only places I won’t backpack is in Grizzly bear country. Hit me up. Andrew

Andrew M


Please be careful searching for a hiking partner online.

  1. 5 weeks can be a long time to spend with a stranger.
  2. Hiking styles differ.
  3. Physically compatible? Or … Are both capable of hiking similar difference regardless of what is being carried.
  4. Best advice, just show up and start hiking. Chances are within a few days a partner will be culled through your own personal selection process.

Have a great hike.



I too am looking for a hiking partner. I have done the first 7 sections of the CT. Would like to meet up with someone interested this summer for about 5-6 days, ~10-15 mile pace per day (12 miles is my sweet spot as I like to take lots of photos). I’m flexible in terms of time off. Was thinking July 4th if section 8 (Copper Mountain start) is passable. Also looking at other weeks in July, August, and September. I have close to 500 miles backpacking experience combined on the A.T. and C.T. Plus I’m pretty relaxed, non-judgemental, and enjoy the company of others. Please email me if interested.



I am a senior citizen (married male) who has done about 200 miles of the CT over the years. This year I have a partner for some of my trip, but I need one for the end from Molas Pass to Durango. I do about 10-12 miles per day. I expect to be leaving Molas Pass on or about the morning of July 28. 74 miles should take about 6-7 days which I will break up into 2 trips with a day of rest/resupply in between. First part will probably be to Hotel Draw TH and stay in Rico or Durango. Any age and gender is fine, as long as my pace is acceptable to you; slow and steady. For what it’s worth, I met the guy I am hiking the first half with on this forum in 2014, and it has worked out great. Contact me if you are interested. My wife would feel better if I did not do this alone.

Bart H


are you a newbie? I’m flying out to Denver July 12th with my Bernese Mountain dog and was thinking about hitting the trail with him. it would be our 1st hike. had planned to do a LASH on the AT this fall but got the chance to come to CO so figured Bernie would enjoy that more.


Hi, Emily. I decided last minute to start in Leadville and walk for a month, probably to Durango. Looking at about the 12th of July. I have hiked the northern half, extensively. I am a three time Appalachian Trail thru-hiker. I am a little slower. 8-10 per day. I wouldn’t mind hiking with someone for a bit.