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From NY Times California today:

Tahoe got so much snow that Squaw Valley ski resort is considering staying open all summer. [Bloomberg]



Flew my plane along PCT fm south of Kennedy Meadows to Horseshow Meadow, then up the Owens Valley to Kearsarge Pass. Clear to the bridge across the South Fork in Monache Meadow, then increasingly patchy snow to just north of Olancha peak then solid snow forever. Horseshow Meadow solid snow. Horseshoe Meadow road is closed with a big landslide that will have to be cleared. Kearsarge solid snow from the pass to well below the parking lot. Peeked over the pass from 12500 ft (didn’t fly into the back country - engine failure options with nothing but deep snow below aren’t very attractive)and saw an unbroken white blanket in every direction. With Horseshoe Meadow and Whitney Portal Roads closed by landslides, and such heavy snow on both sides of Kearsarge, bailing out options will be limited. Even if you get to the trailhead, hitching might be a problem. Another update coming mid-May.