Solar powered UV water purification hydration pack


Hi, my name is Angus Yang, I’m from southwest Ohio and attend William Henry Harrison High School and for my engineering class I’m creating a hydration pack that has solar panels on it to power UV lights that purifies the water in the hydration pack. I was wondering if some of you could take this survey so I am able to complete my market research since my intend consumers of this product are runners, hikers, camps, and people in general that enjoy outdoor activities. Down below is the link to my survey and it would mean a lot if you could fill it out, thank you very much.


Two questions: It sounds like on the survey you’re asking about day-to-day useage, not when we’re hiking/backpacking. Is that correct?

Second as a general comment, I’d note most backpackers wouldn’t be into this idea. Filters are very light as are purifying drops. Those of us who backpack care intensely about weight. That said, it sounds like a very good project! Good luck!


Hi! Angus, I live in Central Ohio (Grove City). I do a lot of backpacking and travel as light as I can. I’m not sure if your Solar Powered UV Water Purification system would be light enough for backpackers, for everyday use or when traveling by car, perhaps it would be OK.
I use a Sawyer “Squeeze” filter when backpacking, weight around 3 oz. I filter my water into a disposable plastic bottle (Smart Water).
The biggest majority of the Appalachian Trail is through what they refer as the “Green Tunnel”, even Solar Cell Phone chargers are practically useless.
Good Luck on your idea, you might just have something here!


Thank you so much for the response, I greatly appreciate you sharing information about the “Green Tunnels”. This information is going to greatly help me improve my product and maybe change my final product but my idea is not only for just backpacking and hiking but I was thinking into other uses for it that I didn’t list like for example maybe the military could use this same technology in their packs while they are on duty in Afghanistan where sun light is very abundant or for campers where instead of being confined to a RV camp site they can go into the woods with a tent. I greatly appreciate you taking time out of your day to fill out my survey and giving me information to improve my final product!


To answer your first question my idea is to almost develop a backpack that is solar powered that also has the hydration pack with the UV light purification method incorporated into it. So in other words I’m trying to create a backpack that can also be used as a general backpack with a hydration pack in it that is solar powered so you can also charge your phone or other devices as well as purify your water. I was also trying to target groups such as campers, hikers, runners, and maybe even focus a little on the military. I was thinking of a idea that allows you to go into nature and not worry about packing a ton of plastic bottles or use other filters because I did some research into UV light purification and found that UV lights are a very powerful way of purifying water. So basically I’m just trying to create a backpack that can purify


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