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I’m doing an end-to-end this summer and am looking for the best maps. I did the Collegiate Loop last year and was disappointed with the CT Foundation maps (most because of durability - not waterproof). The site lists Tail Illustrated maps but the list is not actuate (e.g. Waterton Canyon on #135 not #104). I’m searching for alternatives and others experiences. Welcome any thoughts !!!



Use the CT Databook combined with the Guthooks Colorado Trail App. The App works great! You can supplement with Nat Geo or some other maps, but they certainly aren’t necessary. The Databook and App are all you need.

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Looking at the PMags page you referenced, he lists the maps in number order and not trail order. Looks like he lists #135 Deckers/Rampart Range. Which is where Waterton Canyon would be I believe.

#104 simply the first map on the list from National Geographic.

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If you use GPS, you can download the CT Waypoints for free at
I think that the NatGeo maps (comes in a North & South map set) and the new 2018 CT Databook with a good compass is all you need.