True survival - Appalachian Trail


How is the fishing during winter? I plan on leaving georgia in January. I plan on doing a lot of offtrailing. Should I bring a weapon or axe? Can you hunt your own food? <!— 2005-08-05 18:50:18.0 —>



If you really wabt to hike,then you wont have time to hunt. Just eat noodles and stuff.



Every now and then someone gets the same bright idea, then quickly abandons it when the light bulb goes on. You can hunt/fish, or you can make miles. And in January you won’t have much luck hunting/fishing.

Even Eric Rudolph couldn’t truly live off the land, and he wasn’t trying to make miles every day. Without the support of like-minded conservative radicals in Western NC, he wouldn’t have lasted six months.

There is no need to live off the land while thru-hiking. You come to places where resupply options are plentiful every few days or better.



Due to the extreme high use of the AT all year round the natural resources available are limited or depleted. You also don’t want to wander too far off the trail and into a fellas ginseng patch or moonshine operation. That will not end well.