Trying to figure out endpoint/travel logistics


My friend & I are planning on section hiking the AT beginning on the approach trail to Springer Mt. We have figured out our when & where of the flight in. However, we’re not really sure where to plan the endpoint. Most posts I’ve located so far are either thru-hikers or people planning on leaving cars. We will be flying in from another state & need to figure out our flight home. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


What is the duration/distance of your section hike?


Here is what you need to do. Get your hands on a guide book. That is the same advice you would get if you were headed to Europe or Asia or anywhere for that matter. The thru-hiker companion or the AWOL guide are excellent and cheap. With the guide it won’t matter if you go a hundred miles or a thousand the answer to your question will be the same. Arrange your transport to the nearest airport from the trail town or hostel. If the guide does not just outright tell you how to get to the airport the people at the hostel will. Most times they even provide that service. Another good thing to have in your Iphone is the number to the ATC (Appalachian Trail Conservancy) During business hours they will provide any kind of help. The good places to fly from on the trail off the top of my head are, Knoxville, Ashville, Roanoak, Charlotsville, D.C, Harrisburg, NYC, Albany, Boston, Bangor. All are connected to the trail be shuttle or bus/train. Get or download one of those guides.


Thanks for the help! We are going to be hiking 2weeks & hoping to make it approximately 120ish miles. We shall see. =)