Winter hiking shoes


Hi Folks, I am narrowing my gear list for an Appalachian Trail thru hike attempt, and wondering about footwear in the colder parts of the hike. I plan to have trail runners for the warmer weather, but I am concerned about the snow possibility and what would be the best shoes to keep my feet warm enough. My feet are always cold anyway, I don’t want to give up because I can’t keep myself warm and dry enough.
Any women out there like me with a similar issue? Cold blooded and fear of freezing.


The trailrunners will work in snow. Higher tops are better than low tops. Spray your shoes with some Niagra fabric protector, the same kind you spray on furnature. There is no such thing as waterproof hiking boots. Moisture will either get in or the moisture you create will be trapped inside. One time, 5 of us were in that first shelter you come to Northbound on the AT in Smokie Mt National Park. 2 feet of snow. We talked about which type of hiking shoe or boot was best for these conditions. We had all types. After trudging along all day in the rain and snow we ended up at the same shelter. Everyone had wet feet. Trailrunners, boots, treated or not, Leather, Goretex…all the same. All just as wet. The lighter trail runners were a little dryer the next morning. The trick in these conditions is have wool socks. Your body heat that you generate in your feet while hiking will keep you going all day long. You won’t feel like having a long break for lunch.


Wow, thank you. This is helpful.